Custom Night Guard and Over-the-counter Night Guard Face Off! – Philadelphia, PA

Night guards are dental appliance recommended for patients with bruxism, a habit of grinding and clenching of teeth when sleeping. Bruxism, if not given an early remedy, can lead to several oral problems, especially to the teeth and jaw. Broken, chipped, and cracked teeth that are the primary effects of bruxism can, however, these can be prevented by wearing a night guard.

Northeast Dental Center offers Night Guards services for patients who want to protect their teeth from possible damage brought by bruxism. Night guards are also proven to reduce snoring and relieve obstructive sleep apnea. Investing in a right night guard is essential in keeping the patient’s overall oral health protected.


Night Guard

There are two types of night guard – custom and over-the-counter. The dentist professionally creates custom night guards. It is customized for the patient to ensure a well-fitted mouth appliance. Custom-made night guards are made by first taking an impression of the patient’s mouth that is done by the dentist. The dentist gets a negative copy of the patient’s upper and lower teeth to create a plaster cast or mold. Second, an acrylic is shaped around the mold of a perfectly fit protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth. It is now then checked if the night guard fits correctly and certain adjustments are made if necessary. After the night guard is customized, it will be delivered to the patient. The dentist provides a case for the night guard to be kept if not worn.

Along with it are the instructions given by the dentist for proper wear and care of the night guard. Over-the-counter night guard, however, is not customized by the dentist and are store-bought. Unlike custom night guards, it is thinner and more pliable to suit a wide range of people.


Pros and Cons of Custom Night Guards


  • Durable
  • Most reliable among any other night guard types
  • Gives extra protection
  • Gives a more comfortable fit


  • Expensive
  • Time-consuming procedure


Pros and Cons of Over-the-counter Night Guards


  • More times affordable than custom-made night guards
  • Available
  • Can be acquired immediately


  • Not durable
  • Not reliable to withstand extreme grinding
  • Cannot ensure a perfect fit for patients
  • Can be uncomfortable to wear


Whether you are opting for a custom night guard or over-the-counter, it is always best to talk to your dentist regarding your specific needs.

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