Dental Implants in Philadelphia, PA: When Are They Necessary?

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Many people prefer dental implants over other restorative options available for tooth loss. Some of the best features it offers include replacing not only the structure visible above the gum line but also the support that lies underneath. The implant aims to restore the teeth in a way that it will still look and feel just like the original structures on the mouth.

An implant procedure works by surgically placing a titanium post on the patient’s jawbone. The inserted material would work as an anchor for the prostheses that would be determined based on the condition of the patient. It could be a dental crown for a single tooth, bridge for multiple lost teeth, and dentures for a full restoration. The reason for the use of titanium out of all the other materials available is its ability to promote the growth of the bone which is referred to as osseointegration. Its occurrence builds a stable and strong foundation for teeth restoration.

We at Northeast Dental Center highly recommend dental implants for we know its potential in giving patients a second chance for their smiles. For patients to understand why is it essential to have their lost teeth restored, check out the information we prepared below:

 Dental Implant


When are Dental Implants Necessary?

Losing a tooth or two and leaving it unattended can lead to many problems. The teeth adjacent to the site with a missing structure may eventually shift over time in an attempt to fill in the gaps. As it moves, the proper occlusion of the teeth (the way the teeth meets) can change as well. The jawbone on the area of the lost teeth may also begin to deteriorate due to the loss of stimulant, therefore, leading to other problems. The appearance of a person is also being compromised when teeth are lost. Patients tend to avoid interacting with other people to avoid being embarrassed.

All these problems can be solved if lost teeth are restored with the help of dental implants. The shift in the teeth can be avoided as well as the change in the proper occlusion. Lost stimulation on the jaws can be restored with the help of the implant which acts as the replacement of the lost roots, and the appearance of the patient will be restored as natural as it once was.

The prostheses that are attached to the implants closely resemble the natural teeth. With it, patients are free to smile to their heart’s content without any worries!


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