How Teeth Whitening Started in Philadelphia, PA

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Today, people are getting crazy over wanting pearly-white teeth. The embarrassment of having yellow, discolored teeth encouraged them to invest in a teeth whitening treatment. However, it is not only today that people are concern about having a bright, radiant smile. Even before, the idea of whitening the teeth was there already.


Teeth whitening


We at Northeast Dental Center provides Teeth Whitening services for patients who want to treat discolored, yellowing, and stained teeth to achieve a smile that glows. We offer two kinds of teeth whitening procedures depending on the patients’ preferences. First, our instant teeth whitening service will let the patients acquire whiter teeth in a quick process. There is no need for them to wait longer to get the color of teeth that they want. Our next teeth whitening option involves a gradual process. However, whichever our patients will choose, both gave the same benefit in terms of whitening the teeth!

The ancient way of cleaning and whitening the teeth are way more prehistoric as expected. Ancient people used to chew frayed sticks for tooth scraping and cleaning. Wondering why people before are so concerned about getting their teeth whitened? The reason is that for them, white teeth is a manifestation of wealth and honor. But wait until discovering the Romans’ way of teeth whitening. They actually used to bleach their teeth with a combination of boiled urine and goat’s milk! The ammonia content of urine acts as a bleaching agent for the teeth.

On the other hand, for Egyptians, rubbing a mixture of pumice and white vinegar on the surface of their tooth gives them naturally white teeth. Moving on to the 12th century, the early physicians recommended the use of salt as a teeth scrub. Nowadays, people have no idea that teeth whitening was a barber’s job during the 17th century. Barbers used a metal file to polish the teeth in preparation for some nitric acid application. However, this method remains unsuccessful as it damages the enamel of the tooth. Indeed, teeth whitening had come a long way. In this modern day, people can choose different options to whiten their teeth.

Advancement gives rise for some over-the-counter teeth whitening kit products in the market. However, it provides no guarantee with regards to effectively whitening the teeth. Still, it is always safe and beneficial to set a teeth whitening appointment at the dentist.


Let us help you improve the appearance and form of your teeth! Book your appointment with us at Northeast Dental Center for your Teeth Whitening services in Philadelphia, PA. We are located at 10847 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19116.