Why Athletes Need to Wear Mouth Guards

When playing contact sports, participants need to secure their safety by taking preventive measures. And aside from helmets or pads, it is highly advised for athletes to wear mouth guards. The said oral appliance protects the teeth and all the other oral structures from possible injuries when playing sports. However, mouth guards are not only for athletes who play extreme sports, but it can also be worn by those who play less intense sports.

If you think that just any type of mouth guard would do, you are mistaken. Mouth guards that can be purchased on sporting goods stores or drug stores won’t do. Everyone’s mouth is different; that is why the one-size-fits-all concept that over the counter mouth guards follow won’t provide the adequate care needed by athletes. Instead of wearing affordable yet ineffective mouth protectors, we at Northeast Dental Center encourage athletes to consider custom-made mouth guards.


Custom-made mouth guards are designed considering the measurements of a particular patient, as well as their specific needs. Dental professionals can create mouth guards for people who play contact sports and even adventures to keep their mouths from harm. To be more convinced, here are the basic functions of a mouth guard:

  • Protects the upper and lower dental arches from contact with each other
  • Prevents the jaw from violently jarring together which can result in a concussion
  • Serves as a preventive measure to avoid neck injuries
  • Prevents possible bruises and cuts during impact
  • Cushions the teeth to avoid dislocations or fractures
  • Protects the lower jaw from the impact that can damage or fracture the bone
  • Helps athletes feel safe and comfortable during their games

Injuries due to sports can cause long-term damage, not just the possibility of losing teeth. Neck or jaw injuries acquired during a game can even keep the athlete from ever playing again. This possibility is not only applicable for professional players but to highschool and college athletes as well.

Why Choose a Custom-Made Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards that are created under the assistance of a dental professional effectively protect the teeth and cushions the jaw. The appliance provides an adequate space between the upper and lower dental arches to prevent them from being forced together. The oral appliance also protects the mouth from accidental frontal blows which can potentially knock out some teeth. Custom-made mouth guards are expected to stay in place when worn without causing any discomfort for its wearer.

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