Root Canal Treatment in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Many clinics refer their Root Canal patients to Northeast Dental Center because they are not equipped to handle the procedure. Root Canals are a routine procedure for our experienced team.

Root Canal Treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you are scared of getting a root canal because of the pain that may be caused, we assure you of a virtually painless procedure. Your tooth may be painful before the procedure, but you shouldn’t feel pain during or after the procedure.

What is a Root Canal?

At the center of each tooth lies a pulp, comprised of nerves, connecting tissue and small blood vessels. An infected pulp can cause a lot of pain in the tooth and may even lead to tooth loss if not treated in time.

Root Canal treatment is used to remove an infected pulp along with the infection so that the tooth can be saved.

The Root Canal Procedure

The procedure starts by examining the teeth to see if a Root Canal Procedure is needed. If an infection is found in the pulp of the tooth, local anesthesia is administered to make the treatment painless. The infected pulp is taken out, and the center of the tooth is cleaned carefully so that bacteria do not spread out into the adjoining areas. Once the pulp is out, the cavity is filled up so that bacteria cannot get in again. The tooth is covered with a crown for added protection.

The whole procedure just feels like getting new fillings for your teeth. It is common to experience some tenderness in the area after a Root Canal is done. This should not be a cause of worry, as you will recover from the procedure very quickly.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is required when the pulp of your teeth is infected. There are several signs that could indicate a pulp infection. Some of these are:

  1. Pain in the tooth accompanied by sensitivity and swollen gums. Sometimes the pain can be severe and prolonged.
  2. Pain for several seconds while eating something cold or warm.
  3. Sharp pain upon biting food
  4. A tooth that has become darker, without pain.

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Kehinde B.

Best dental place ever!!. Everyone in there are very nice and friendly. And they do the dental job very comfortable. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Alexis M.

Everyone was polite and professional. Office and the rooms were clean and well kept. Equipment was up to date and in very good shape. Dr. Oleg Amayev was well spoken and to-the-point without being curt. My teeth look/feel great after the cleaning. I had a great dental experience in no longer than an hour after a long day of work. I’ll be going back in 6 months.

Jamil S.

Since I have been a patient of Dr. Oleg he has saved my teeth and has been very compassionate and engaged in my oral health. This line of work is really the office passion. Lastly, the reminders through text and phone calls are the greatest because I always remember when my next appointment is even if I lose my train of thought of when it is.
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