Dental Anesthesia in Philadelphia

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Many people are experiencing anxiety when visiting their dentist because they worry about the pain and the treatment. Anesthesia can help the patient feel comfortable and painless. Northeast Dental Center in Philadelphia administers anesthesia to minimize the pain and anxiety the patients are experiencing during the dental procedures.


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Types of Dental Anesthesia we offer at Northeast Dental Center

Dental anesthesia prevents the patient from feeling pain during the treatment. It may be administered depending on the type of pain relief needed.

  • Topical Anesthesia – A gel type anesthesia applied to numb a specific area for dental treatment. This type of anesthesia is used for the minor dental procedure.
  • Injectable Anesthesia – Numb the surrounding area and used for a major dental procedure such as dental fillings and root canal treatment.

Reasons why you need Anesthesia:

  • Severe Anxiety / Phobia / Fear
  • Needle Phobia
  • Unpleasant Past Experience
  • Difficulty getting properly numbed
  • Severe gag-reflex
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Embarrassment or shyness


Don’t let your anxiety prevent you from undergoing proper dental treatments. Northeast Dental Center is always open to help you. Our dental team will include you in the planning of the proper anesthesia that suits you.


Need to overcome your dental anxiety? Anesthesia Services in Philadelphia can help you feel comfortable during dental procedures. Contact us at (215) 297-6368 to book your appointment.