Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

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It is a vital part of parenting to educate your child about the importance of good oral hygiene and the reason why these must be practiced. It is essential to establish a solid dental routine for your child to follow since this will help them develop healthy habits that protect them from having cavities. More importantly, you can start your child’s path to excellent dental hygiene by scheduling an appointment with a pediatric dentist!

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If you are curious about pediatric dentistry, we at Northeast Dental Center have compiled a list of common questions that might have crossed your mind and the answers behind them:

How does my child’s diet affect their dental health?

Sugars and starches found in snacks mainly cause tooth decay in children. To keep their teeth strong, you must establish a healthy and balanced diet for your child. Aside from the recommended vitamins and minerals, make sure your child is getting enough calcium for cavity-free teeth. Check if your water supply is fluoridated, this helps strengthen your child’s teeth. If your water does not contain fluoride, talk to your pediatric dentist about fluoride applications.

When should my child see the dentist for the first time?

It is recommended to bring your child to the dentist when their first tooth appears or around their first birthday. Taking your child to the dentist while early help prevents future decay and dental issues from arising. Aside from that, early appointments will also educate you on how to provide the proper dental care for your child that will help instill good dental habits for a lifetime.

Why should I take my child to a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists specialize in treating children and have undergone an additional two to three years of training after dental school. The dental treatment needed by children differs from regular care for adults. Taking your child to a pediatric dentist is ideal for them to receive dental care specialized to their needs. A treatment plan for children may include diet counseling and the detection of irregular tooth developments that may require correction.

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