Struggles Only Brace-Faces Would Understand in Philadelphia, PA

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Not all are born with great pearly-whites. Let’s face it. Perfecting the teeth does not just happen naturally, that is why many people end up getting braces to straighten theirs. Ask someone you know who had braces in their mouth, and they’ll tell you the same thing: they are evil torture devices. Of course, they are undeniably effective in straightening the teeth, but still, they do hurt! Even teens agree to that. Do you want to know their struggles during those braced-face seasons of their lives? We at Northeast Dental Center listed down some problems everyone encountered while wearing traditional orthodontic appliances.




  • Being told by your friends and classmates a million times to show those brackets and wires out.
  • Your bestie? The dental chair. You will need to comply with your orthodontist all the time.
  • You cannot eat anything, say an apple for example, without slicing them first.
  • Be ready for some loose brackets. You might spend a portion of your time to run those popping brackets off to the dentist unless you’re okay with it.
  • Prepare for the feeling of multiple punches on the jaw the day after your braces are tightened.
  • The harrowing experience that you have to go through by wearing rubber bands are a part of the treatment – and swallowing them while sleeping is normal.
  • Gross food particles stuck everywhere on your braces.
  • Constant brushing becomes a part of your daily life. You need to clean your braces to look neat when smiling.
  • Cuts in the inside of your mouth are inevitable. Mind saying sorry to your poor, innocent cheeks?

Well, as some would say, you need to go through the worst to get to the best. But for the case of having a beautiful smile, there’s always a shortcut to success. Have you heard about Invisalign? Talk to us at Northeast Dental Center to know about how the modern clear orthodontic aligners can help you achieve your dream smiles without needing to deal with all the hassles brought by the traditional treatment.


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