What is Dental Bonding and How it is Done in Philadelphia, PA

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Aiming to have a perfect set of teeth? Dental Bonding is an option for patients having chipped, discolored, or spaced teeth. Northeast Dental Center offers Dental Bonding as a way to achieve a picture-perfect smile.

Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding Overview

Dental bonding is the application of composite resin the same shade of your regular teeth which bonds them together to fill in gaps, restore the cracked tooth, adjust length and shape of a tooth and reconstruct damaged tooth. Dental bonding improves the physical appearance of the teeth. At times, it is used as an alternative for dental fillings. For teeth stains which were not given solution by teeth whitening treatment, Dental bonding can cover the stain. It can also mask the exposed root of a tooth caused by receding gums.

Dental Bonding Procedure

Northeast Dental Center begin the dental bonding by examining the teeth condition of the patient. It paves the way for the dentist to understand the damage and determine the needed solution.

The composite dental resin will then be prepared. It is made by matching your existing teeth to have a natural-looking effect. The surface of the teeth is ready for the application of the resin by making a dental impression of the tooth. The resin is applied with a special dental adhesive to bond with the tooth surface.

The placement of the final resin involves careful molding as to the form of the natural tooth. Once the form is obtained, and the composite resin is applied, a dental laser or UV light hardens the resin to put it in place. It allows the resin not to slip away or slide. To attain a natural look, the resin is then polished.

Smile like you own the world. Hide those dental concerns you endure with dental bonding. A bright, healthy and picture-perfect smile is what you need right now.


If you want to own a fresh, youthful, healthy smile, then Northeast Dental Center is here for you. Check out our services of Dental Bonding in Philadelphia. You can also visit us at 10847 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19116.